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The Vibes In Philly Couldn't Be Any Higher After Nick And Liam Castellanos Showed Up To The Eagles Game With All Of The Linc Singing "Dancing On My Own"

The Eagles are 5-1, wearing the sexiest Kelly green uniforms you ever did see, and playing pretty damn good in the 1st half against the Dolphins tonight. The Phillies are just 1 more win away from making a repeat trip back to the World Series, and they can lock up that win tomorrow night across the street at Citizens Bank Park. Life is great right now as a Philly sports fan. There's a buzz in the air, and it can all be boiled down to these 30 seconds of Nick and Liam Castellanos getting a packed crowd at the Linc fired up as 68,000 unhinged lunatics sing "Dancing On My Own" at the top of their lungs. 

Father and Son of the Year. 

What a time. Obviously you're only ever measured by how many championships you win in sports, so it would be nice to get a couple with these teams. But even without winning a championship yet, the vibes these teams have provided to the city are immeasurable. I'm 31 and I can't remember the month of October ever being as electric here as it's been the past two years, even with the 2008 team. It is so good to be us. 

P.S. -- Before anyone even starts the whole "Philly stole "Dancing On My Own" from the Red Sox" nonsense...yeah. No shit we took it from them. And then we turned around and made it infinitely cooler. Every great invention through the history of the world has been a rip off of somebody else's idea, just executed at a higher level. That's what Philly has done to that song that the Red Sox would never in a million years be able to accomplish. So pipe down. 

P.P.S. -- But seriously. These uniforms fuck so hard.