THE STREAK IS OVER: For The First Time All Season, Your New York Giants Offense Scored A Touchdown In The First Half (It's Week 7 By The Way)

I legit forgot what it was like to have a quarterback throw complete passes let alone a touchdown. This feels good, the Giants should have tried to do this more often during the season. I mean Darren Waller is a guy you brought in for this EXACT situation. Throw him the ball in the ned zone and not some clown like, oh let's just say, Parris Campbell. It was a complete drive. Sure, Justin Pugh had a 3rd down hold to set up the touchdown but you can't be mad at Justin Pugh for anything since the dude was legit sitting on his couch 2 weeks ago. 

The streak is over. No more sad stats - well, yeah there will be. But no more sad first half no touchdown stat. Not to mention no more saying it's the first touchdown in a month. A MONTH. The last time the Giants scored was on offense was a Matt Brieda touchdown against the 49ers. Whatever, I just saw a touchdown and we're all giddy. This is what football is supposed to be. Now cue Nate and every other Commander fan to fire Jack Del Rio. I don't blame them either, if you give up a touchdown to the Giants in the first half you should be fired on the spot. 

Let Tyrod keep on playing. Oh and for sure keep on running the throw it deep to Jalin Hyatt play. That one works too.