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An Alabama Security Guard Absolutely LAID OUT Someone Trying To Get On The Field Hours After The Game Ended

What a hit! That was the best tackle made on that field all day. If a player did that while the game was going on, he'd be ejected for targeting and probably get another suspension from the league office for hitting too hard. But the security guards can launch themselves at a defenseless field stormer to their heart's content and there's not a damn thing the SEC can do about it.

What was this guy's plan to begin with, though? Was he trying to go home with a Gatorade jug from the Bama sideline or something? My understanding of streaking on the field is that the point is usually to get attention and maybe a quick pop from the crowd if you're able to evade security for a few seconds before you get arrested. I don't believe I've ever seen someone wait an hour after the game has ended to do it, but you'll see something every Saturday in the SEC that you've never seen before. It Just Means More, baby.

What a fucking hit, though. You'd think that security guard missed the second half of the game and didn't know Bama won by how much anger he took out on that poor drunkard.