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Bryce Harper Is Simply Too Much Man For The Moment To Contain

Mary DeCicco. Getty Images.

The moment. 

It can easily get way too big, way too quickly for the majority of athletes. The lights get bright, the pressure becomes unbearable, and most athletes crack under that pressure. It's basic human nature. There are only a select group of sick and twisted individuals who are wired in a way where somehow they're able to become bigger than the moment. Think about any of the greats. And when you think of the greats, you think about Bryce Harper. 

The Phillies had blown two games in a row in Arizona. All of a sudden, they weren't as invincible as we all thought. The fans were losing our shit, and the players had clearly lost a little bit of that edge that allows them to go out there and mercilessly bully the shit out of opposing pitchers. But like any great hero's journey, you need to face some adversity. Go through some struggles that make you question your abilities and the goals you wish to achieve with them. Superhero movies would suck if it was just 2 hours of the hero beating the shit out of everybody. You need those struggles to see how they come out in the end. Do they rise to the ocassion and overcome that adversity, or do they crumble like a coward?

He stole home in the postseason. Who the frick steals home in the postseason?

This fucking guy, man. The moment never gets too big for Bryce Harper because Bryce Harper is the moment. This city would be in complete shambles right now if the Phillies were coming back home down 3-2 in this series. This would be the most tense Sunday in Philadelphia history. But when you need him the most, Superman saves the day. Not that Bryce Harper was the only one to step up yesterday and will the Phillies to victory. The whole damn team played like some sick bastards last night. Wheeler is one of the greatest signings in sports history. Kyle Schwarber continues to be the biggest menace the LCS has ever seen. Bryson fucking Stott. If Bryce Harper says that Bryson Stott is the best 2nd baseman in baseball, then Bryson Stott is the best 2nd baseman in baseball. 

The RBI single to get the Phillies on the board first. The initial steal that started everything off for Bryce to steal home. That insane play in the 7th to keep the Phillies' feet firmly on the Diamonbacks' necks. What a night for Bryson Stott. 

But it all starts and ends with Bryce Harper. The moment gets big, he gets bigger, and he takes the whole team along with him. Thank god the Phillies had $330,000,000 laying around. I just wish they could give him more.