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Phillies Ride Zack Wheeler's Gigantic Brass Balls To Take A 3-2 NLCS Lead

Zack Wheeler entered this game with the lowest WHIP in MLB postseason history (6.94). So what does he do? He lowers it even more. Well, technically no. But he threw another playoff GEM for The Fightins. 

7 innings, 1 run, 1 walk, 8 K, 1 W.

Giphy Images.

Not to mention the rest of the Phillies actually decided to play baseball from the jump tonight. The 2 runs right off the dickens was a welcomed delight. And then the bombs were dropped. 

Thank you, Scwharber/Wawa. 

And Bryce…

And JT…with a non-solo shot, no less! They exist! Huzzah! 

6-1 and that's all she wrote. Thank GOD. 

Game 6 at home on Monday with King Nola on the bump to enter the World Series. Let's get it.