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Khamzat Chimaev Is The Real Deal - He Just Beat Kamaru Usman To Remain Undefeated

MMA is the wildest sport in the world.

We just watched a multiple time world champion (who is not too far outta his prime!) get DOMINATED for large portions of a fight against a guy competing professionally for the thirteenth time. 

I know, I'm leaving a lot of details out when I put it like that - like Kamaru Usman having concrete knees and taking the fight on 10 days notice at Middleweight, against the boogeyman, Khamzat Chimaev - and don't get me wrong, Usman certainly had his moments in that fight! It wasn't complete and total domination or anything. 

After likely getting 10-8'd in the first round, Usman's takedown defense improved (as Chimaev's gas tank emptied a bit) and he landed a few pretty big shots on Chimaev throughout the next couple rounds. Hell, even in the first round he had that gnarly slam!

One judge scored the fight a draw, which I think is totally justifiable as well. You could say he did more damage in Rounds 2/3 than Chimaev, who obviously had a more takedown heavy gameplan. It was a really entertaining co-main event tho.

Oh, and remember that clown doctor I blogged about before?!

After all of that, he made an incredibly controversial decision to stop a Johnny Walker fight early, which nearly erupted into chaos….

….AND SPEAKING OF CHAOS - Paulo Costa, everyone!

Insanity. Main event up next. Let's go Volk.

UPDATE: Just coming back to this blog to throw in something I forgot: this was officially a #1 contender's fight according to Dana White, so Sean Strickland vs Khamzat Chimaev for the UFC Middleweight Championship SHOULD be next. Khamzat has had major travel issues lately, though, so who knows when that can happen.