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Football Guy - UFC Fighter Lands A Huge KO In Abu Dhabi And Immediately Reminds Everyone The Chiefs Play Tomorrow


Just look at the JackMac tweet above if you want to understand how crazy this comeback KO was; Breeden came into the fight with a bad cut he got just two weeks ago (not sure how that was cleared) as a +225 underdog, missed weight, went down 2-0 on the cards going into the final round - was then +650 LIVE - and then he starting yelling and barking in Anshul Jubli's face until he landed the big shot he needed.

When he landed that huge knockout, though - the biggest win of his career, halfway across the world in Abu Dhabi - you know what the first thing on his mind was?

The Kansas City Chiefs. Instantly, moments after that life-affirming KO, he was thinking about the Chiefs.

You know who he wanted to talk about in his post-fight interview? I'll give you a hint: it wasn't his coaches OR his family….

It was the Kansas City Chiefs. You gotta love it.

I know I've got no real authority on this, but I'm pretty damn sure that's a Football Guy if I've ever seen one.

The Chiefs need to invite this guy to their next home game. Put him in the Taylor Swift suite, too. I guarantee he wouldn't bother her or even look in her direction once. All he cares about is what happens on that field.