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Breaking News- One of the Reporters Spearheading the New York Times Coverage of the War In the Middle East Loves Hitler And the Nazi’s. (No Really)

Listen I know that Barstool Sports is not a place people come for politics or heavy social commentary.   However having said that this story needed to be blogged in my opinion.  Like I already knew the NY Times were pieces of shit.    It’s been eye opening over the past few years to see just how devious, dishonest and treacherous they actually are.   They are activists masquerading as journalists who don’t have a shred of morality or interest in the truth.   But even I was surprised at this latest revelation.   The NY Times literally hired a man who has openly professed his love of Hitler and the Nazi’s to be covering the conflict in the Middle East for them.   Introducing….Sulaiman Hejji.


And here is some of Sulaiman's past provocative posts regarding the Nazi's.

Now unlike a lot of the issues in this war there isn’t much grey area here.  Nobody is denying that this guy posted these aforementioned Pro Hitler memes and the NY Times is not denying that he is covering the War for them.    They are not denying that he contributed to their story about the Hamas bomb that malfunctioned and landed near a hospital that the Times originally and incorrectly said Israel launched and killed 500 people.  Nope they are openly admitting that yes this person is their boots on the ground correspondent.   But don’t worry everybody.   The NY Times knows he loves Hitler and wants to gas all the Jews but they’ve assured us it won’t effect his coverage or the Times coverage of this war.


 Ah so the guy who loves Hilter and wants to gas Jews said he wouldn't let his hatred for all Jews effect his work covering this War.  Got it.   Again this post isn’t about who is right and wrong right now in the Middle East.   I get it’s a long complicated history in that region.  But I do think there should be a few things all humans can agree on.  Hamas are terrorists.  If you can’t condemn murdering women and children and taking innocent civilians as hostages than you are part of the problem not the solution.   And lastly people who love Hitler and the Nazi's should not be reporting on this war for the NY Times.