Coach K Can't Handle Being Out Of The Spotlight, Basically Demanding His Agent Puts Him On An Episode Of 'The Bear' So People Talk About Him Again

Alright, I gotta get something going today and this does just that. Egomaniac, king of ruining good times and a man who can't stand being out of the limelight is now demanding he gets put in an episode of The Bear. Of course he does. Oh people are talking about The Bear, he's gotta weasel his way into it. Not only that but he pulled one of the most Coach K moves of all time: 

[Source] - “They actually talk about the book,” he said. “It ends up that the lead lady [Edebiri] is represented by CAA, and so am I. So I just sent her an autographed book of ‘Leading With the Heart,’ and I told my agent, ‘In the future, if they keep going, why don’t I do a cameo? Like go and have a meal maybe.’ It’s in my hometown, Chicago. And it’s a heck of a show.”

Sent her an autographed book. I hope she opened it and was like who the fuck is this guy with a bizarre last name calling himself Coach? Let me toss this away. Maybe donate it. Hell I don't know, I'll just use it as a coaster. That's what I'd do. There's nothing more Coach K though than inserting himself into the Bear. He knows people are talking about it so he's gotta get involved.

This news coming out the same time as this though? 

Gotta his name fresh. Gotta make sure people are talking about him. I need to feel the hate for Duke again like I did with this asshole running the thing. This gets me there. Spare me The Bear is in Chicago and Coach K is from there. He knows what he's doing. He's too calculated not to know what he's doing.