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Phillies Lose To The Diamondbacks In The Worst Loss And The Worst Way Of The Season

Unacceptable. Unreal. Most disgusting playoff loss since the shutout to the Cardinals in '11. And the Phillies got no-hit in the World Series last year, mind you. You can NOT lose to this team in this way in these moments. Up 5-2 in the 7th, man. Come the fuck on Soto, Orion, and CRAIG KIMBREL HOW IN THE NAME OF ZEUS' BUTTHOLE DID HE GET 400+ SAVES IN HIS CAREER AND PULL THIS SHIT THE PAST TWO NIGHTS. Even Alvarado for going 3-0 right away and dicking up the lead. WTF Topper. Maybe ya could've saved Jeff Hoffman, the dude who has been doing it all year in the clutch, for a little later than the THIRD INNING. Not to mention the Phillies left at least 3+ EASY runs on the board all game. Remember this Bohm delight with bases loaded and nobody out? 

Yeah, well, they left the runner on third stranded thanks to a Bohm out at 2nd, a JT strikeout, and Nick Castellanos suddenly forgetting the month is October. This team went from the hottest squad near the sun to the iciest bastards in the history of clutch literally overnight. 

Just sucks, man. It seems like every single close loss in games that matter since August the Phillies were in and had the feeling of they should've won. Especially in the 3 postseason losses so far. They just don't put teams away when they're supposed to during the L's. And now it might finally catch up to them. Kudos to the Diamondbacks who earned the last two wins and the two 23-year-olds who showed it's possible to hit in the clutch. Fuck. 

Game 4 tomorrow night. Wheeler vs. Gallen with all the momentum on Arizona's side. Why? Because the Phillies allowed it. Figure it the fuck out. Now.