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A 17-Year-Old Kid Landed The Nastiest Head Kick Of The Year This Morning In His ONE Debut

Here's a devastating little knockout from the ONE Championship card this morning to wet your beak a little ahead of UFC 294 tomorrow....

This vicious flatlining comes via 17-year-old Elyes Kacem in his ONE Muay Thai debut, and I think it's the best head kick I've seen since Leon Edwards put Kamaru Usman's head into the twelfth row to win the Welterweight Title....

I gotta admit - I'd never see that coming from this kid….

Sure, he looks like he could insult the fuck outta you and your family in a Call of Duty lobby, but I just wouldn't think - "That kid could decapitate me in an instant if he wanted to." 

Imagine a senior picking a fight with him as a freshman or something, having no idea he was dealing with the young Terminator?

I guess that's why they say don't judge a book by its cover. That's tough for me tho because I'd argue I'm the exception to that rule.

Just look at me.

You're probably thinkin, "That skinny twerp has probably never been in a fight in his life despite claiming to know what he's talking about when it comes to them, and he probably has an allergy to ALL FRUIT and suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis at only 25 years old - and his circulation must SUCK!" and you know what? 

You'd be right! On all fronts!

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UFC prelims start at 10am ET tomorrow. I'll be riding with both underdogs in the main/co-main. See you then.