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Rice Football's "Gummy Bear Guy" Might Be The Most Important Coach In All Of Sports


Lombardi. Saban. Gummy Bear Guy. That's the big 3 now, and if you don't agree, go argue with a tree. I don't know much, but what I do know is Rice doesn't put up a 42 spot without GBG patrolling the sidelines 


It's always great to be "the guy" for something that people like. Gum guy who always has a stick for you after a tuna sandwich. Zyn guy for the long trips. And now there's Gummy Bear guy who is going to single handily get Rice into a bowl game. Also turns out JT Daniels is at Rice now. Guy just bounces from school to school like he's John Feitelberg. This is his 6th, count em, 6th year of college football. Ol' Tommy Boy ass.