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The New Blink 182 Album Is So, So, So Good


I'm not saying this as a blink super-fan or whatever. When blink was in their Skiba era, I wasn't parading around like "oh my god, great new album!" because those albums stunk. But now the band is back together and Mark, Tom, and Travis have made a fucking unbelievable record. There's no skips. It's just banger after banger after banger. My only gripe is I don't like that I had already heard 6 of the songs before they were released. Listening to the full thing in order makes it even better, but I wish I heard those songs for the first time while listening, like the good ol' days. Also "EDGING" feels a little out of place on the album, but that's because it came out over a year ago. 

Some stand-outs for me:

- ANTHEM PART 3 getting the album going perfectly. It kicks in and you're like oh yeah buddy, we're doing this.

- DANCE WITH ME was alway awesome and now it has grown on me so much, should be so fun to see live.

- TERRIFIED. When I heard there was going to be an unreleased Box Car Racer song on the album obviously I got excited because I love BCR, and TERRIFIED is SO SO SO SO GOOD. I think it's my favorite tune on the entire thing.

- ONE MORE TIME we already heard, but it's definitely a great, stand-out track.

- BLINK WAVE fucking rules. I don't know what else to say about it. I can listen to that song on repeat for the rest of the week.

- TURPENTINE another big time banger. The production is so sick, every song sounds so big and loud, and TURPENTINE might be the biggest and loudest.

- OTHER SIDE probably won't get the attention it deserves, but it's a sweet song. 


I'm so happy for my friends Mark, Tom, and Travis. They got the band back together and put out a classic. When I saw them at MSG in May I thought it was the best show I've seen, now I might need to travel to Europe or some shit because they aren't touring the USA again for what looks to be at least a year, unless they squeeze in some festivals next Summer or something. I gotta hear these new songs live. What a time to be a blink fan. We did it, friends. We weathered the storm and it's paid off in droves.