This Fella Passed Out With His Lederhosen On An Oktoberfest Ride Probably Reached Full Equilibrium

Let me start by saying I scoured the Internet for the full version of this clip and it seems it doesn't exist. Put this in the "videos that ended too soon" hall of fame. You let that go for twenty more seconds and we might be seeing a completely different video there. Part of me envies this guy even with potential puke aside. There's a slight chance this is just pure euphoria feeling like you're flying. Or this is just what it feels like to lay your head down on the pillow after a long night of drinking, except you're hanging in the middle of the air going around a carnival in some lederhosen. Oktoberfest seems like one of those experiences you'd want to do at least once in life, until you end up like this guy looking like Weekend At Bernies 2. They got him out there looking like a Radiohead album cover: 

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