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Phillies Drop The Closest Game Possible To The Diamondbacks And We've Officially Got Ourselves A Series

OK. Good for Arizona. They got moxie and won this game. Period. The Phillies had plenty of chances and didn't pull thru. Unacceptable and it can't happen again. 

The bats, man. These freaking lack of bats. Rookie or not Pfaadt was DEALING. The Phillies couldn't hit dick. 5.2 innings, 0 BB, 2 hits, 0 runs, and 9(!!!) K's...yet he's pulled after just 70 pitches. Baseball/kids these days, amiright? Thanks Obama. Regardless of your politics, it's tough to win a playoff game when you whiff 13 times and the opposing team is attempting to GIFT you the game/series. 3 hits. 1 run. No bueno. 

Other the bright side, what can you say about the sexy man beast that is Ranger Big Ol' Nuts Suarez. Another playoff start, another serviceable to dominant performance. 5.1 innings, 0 runs, 1 walk, 7 K's, and this athletic display from the heavens to save a run: 

Could he have stayed in after only 69 pitches? Sure. However, #InTopperWeTrust and Hoffman was able to get out of the inning, anyways. Ranger put them in every position to win and is indeed the MAN. 

Poor Orion. The magic ran dry in the most important spot for him thus far. He'll be back. Too good of stuff not to be back. Should Topper have put Seranthony in there up only 1-0 in the 7th? Maybe. Dominguez has been shaky, so I don't hate trusting Orion. Just hopefully this doesn't shellshock him for the rest of the playoffs. Gonna need that magic in a similar spot at some point again. 

Craig Kimbral. Yuck. Obviously. 

BACK TO POSITIVITY: Goodness gracious, how about this DP? 

Has there ever been a game saving double play turned like this with nobody out, runner on 3rd, and the infield in? Sweet bejeezus that was lightning quick. The Diamondbacks might have the best d in The Show but it seems like everyone on the Phillies is currently gloving out. 

Alright. We've officially got ourselves a series. Absolute monster must-win hammer play Game 3 vs. Arizona who will be pitching a full bullpen game. Put the hats on the bats tonight, boys. Get those bats warm again. The Diamondbacks don't know it's a damn show. They think it's a damn fight. Now let's finish these bums in 4/5 and go home. 

Phillies tomorrow by 20. Kidding but not kidding. Ring The Damn Bell.