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Justin Herbert May Not Be Winning On The Field But He Is Certainly Winning Off It After Reports He's Been Dating NFL Network Reporter Taylor Bisciotti Since 2021

I don't know how people manage to keep incredibly public relationships private in today's social media world, especially if you work in the same field, but if this report is true then kudos to Herbert and Bisciotti for lasting two years. Now, ML Football is maybe not the most reputable NFL news outlet going, but maybe their source "Pro Football Network" is:

SOURCE: "Justin Herbert from the LA Chargers is having a low-key relationship with Taylor Bisciotti from the NFL Network. They were spotted multiple times in LA but played it cool when Taylor had to interview him at SoFi. Fans are starting to piece it together, but it would be a PR nightmare with his good boy image.”

Does his PR image require the QB to be single forever? How wholesome.

Also in 2021, allegedly, it appeared that a blonde resembling Bisciotti was seen in some of Herbert’s pictures on social media.

This is all of course purely speculation but if it's true, then it's the biggest win of Herbert's young career. I've learned my lesson to not include photos of any smokeshow I talk about on this blog after my slight beef with Dante, so here you go before we go any further:

Not much to be proud of if you're a Chargers fan but this is a start. And she's clearly a good girlfriend, again, if the speculation is true:

Another Taylor in the AFC West. Good luck to the rest of the league.