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High Schooler Does What The NFL Cannot- Stop The Tush Push In Fantastic Fashion

Video footage is going viral of linebacker Ethan Stapleton out of Lumberton High School in Texas. During the Raiders’ game against Vidor High School, Vidor had a play on the goal line, where they attempted the sure fire tush push.

However, Stapleton perfectly timed the snap, completely leaped over the offensive line and tackled the quarterback, basically as soon as the ball was snapped and before the player in the backfield even had a chance to push the QB into the end zone.

You know who would have been the first person to do this in the NFL? Ed Reed. There's no chance Ed Reed doesnt do this but if he doesnt, someone else needs to because the Eagles making it 1245 out of 1246 times is simply infuriating to watch. Why are they so good with it? Will it continue until Jalen Hurts can squat 600lbs? Will it continue for YEARS. It just might not be ended until ole Ethan Stapleton is outta high school for 3 years. Once that happens, Jalen is cooked.