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Travis Kelce Reportedly Bought A $6 Million Mansion So He and Taylor Swift Would Have More Privacy

TMZ- Travis Kelce is leveling up his living situation big time -- and part of the reason has to do with Taylor Swift ... TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with the situation tell us the Chiefs tight end just bought a new home in Kansas City, with the sale closing Tuesday. We're told he snapped it up for just under $6 million ... and, yes, for that kinda dough in KC, he's getting a place that's way bigger and more secluded than his old house.

Our sources say this pad is in a gated community, and it's a straight-up mansion ... 6 bedrooms, 6 baths and over 16,000 square feet of living space!!! It also screams luxury ... we're told there's a pool with a waterfall attached -- plus, a tennis and pickleball court, not to mention a mini golf course. Now, as far as why he upgraded ... our sources say there were a few things nagging him, including needing more privacy. We're told at Travis's old house, it was simply far too accessible, and was starting to become a tourist attraction ... with people swinging by and staking out the place -- Travis was getting uncomfortable with the situation.

Ladies, our standards have just been raised tenfold. If your man is not buying a mansion for more privacy with you, then what the hell are you doing? I'm sure they are really gonna enjoy the mini golf course together. Who doesn't like putt putt? This is a huge difference compared to her broke ass ex, Joe Alwyn. It's nice to see Taylor with a man who has money. 

Apparently, Travis Kelce was uneasy with how accessible his previous home was and was starting to become a 'tourist attraction'. This new home is a gated community and Kelce paid for it with his own cash!!!! He didn't buy the home WITH Taylor. This is fully Travis's home. This saga just keeps getting better and better with Travis fully proving that he may be the best boyfriend of all time. 

I can't wait to break this all down on the next episode of Taylor Watch.