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New Mexico State's Diego Pavia Is One Of The Most Electric Dudes In College Football

I feel like every year there’s that one quarterback outside of the Power Five that the entire country falls in love with. Locally, I remember Dan LeFevour being a huge deal for Central Michigan back in the day. I’ve been waiting for someone to emerge in college football in 2023, and I think we found a guy. Diego Pavia is a DAWG. 

Diego Pavia has all of the intangibles you look for in an electric college quarterback who will be the answer to a trivia question one day. He’s a little bit undersized, he can run the football, he’s a bit cocky, and he puts up numbers. He currently has over 2300 total yards on the season. Last night against UTEP, he helped the Aggies earn their third straight victory by going for four total scores. 

And yes, for anybody wondering this is the guy who got in trouble for pissing on New Mexico’s logo inside their practice facility several weeks back. That incident happened well before the season. I feel bad saying this, but that was my first exposure to Pavia. But having now watched him play, I could care less about where he chooses to urinate. He’s a fun quarterback to watch. 

This is what I love about college football. Sometimes, the uniform just doesn’t matter. You can watch a random game on Wednesday and be enthralled by a player. That’s what we have here. I could care less about New Mexico State football, but if they’re on TV, I will watch this guy play, and you should, too.