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Mike Boynton Keeps Destroying The NCAA For Being A Joke And Having No Idea What They Are Doing, Hope He Never Stops Doing It

[Source] - The IARP did not issue any postseason bans or significant penalties in the cases it adjudicated for LSU, Louisville, Arizona and NC State, all schools that were tied to the FBI's investigation.

Oklahoma State chose to work with the NCAA over the IARP in its case.

"My message was always, with what they are saying now, is that they did the wrong thing to us," Boynton told ESPN at Big 12 media day on Wednesday. "My only issue at this point is I still haven't heard anybody call and say, 'You know what? We screwed up.' Accountability is a big deal to me. It's something I preach in our program every day.

"If somebody would call and just say, 'You know what, Coach? I get it. We did the wrong thing. That shouldn't have happened. We can't change it but I want you to at least know we acknowledge that.' Because that's all that can be done at this point."

Mike Boynton should never stop doing this. Frankly, every single press conference should just be him ripping the NCAA to shreds because Oklahoma State got fucked more than your favorite pornstar. Literally any single one of them. In case you forgot the refresher is above. Oklahoma State was one of the teams investigated for part of the FBI thing. It was a massive waste of time and one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in sports.

That is until the IARP and NCAA came out with their rulings. Not one single team got punished, except Oklahoma State. Oh and they just so happened to be the only team to cooperate with the NCAA. Lesson as always - never work with those scumbags. It's hardly the first time he did such a thing: 

Hell even when the Kansas 'punishment' came down, he had this to say: 

Oklahoma State's account said this over a year ago: 

Here's the thing, they're right! Current players and staff getting punished for something in the past makes no sense. None of the players on the team were part of the investigation. Mike Boynton wasn't part of the investigation. Yet they were banned from the NCAA Tournament for a year while every other team got probation or a banner taking down. The NCAA's rulings never makes sense. They just make shit up every single time. 

So good for Mike Boynton. Most people just stay quiet and refuse to call out the NCAA for being frauds. Boynton won't let it go and he never should. All he wants is an apology and he's not going to get it because the NCAA refuses to acknowledge they fuck things up. That's why we're in the middle of hearing Congress talk about college sports. It's so easy not to fuck things up yet the NCAA always seems to do it. Blast them every single chance.