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HOLY SHIT, I DIDN'T KNOW JULIUS RANDLE HAD THAT IN HIM! Most of Julius' points in the paint seem to come below the rim after a few spin moves much like when the last star at MSG would #STAYME7O while getting his buckets. But I guess I've never seen a Knicks star wearing Skechers, which apparently add some explosiveness and inches to your vertical.

Personally, they didn't do that for me when I bought a pair of walking shoes so my feet wouldn't feel like were going to explode when I took my family to Disney earlier this year (They were comfy af though). But I guess Skechers did add a few inches to myself and all the other boys that became men looking at the old Christina Aguilera ads that apparently ran almost 20 years ago, which makes me somehow feel older than I did 10 minutes ago.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Julius Randle! Nice dunk and nicer shoes big fella. Hopefully they keep you flying high all the way through the playoffs this year. Sorry, I shouldn't be doing my guy dirty like that in the preseason. 

Hey, you know who had a song called Dirty?

And THAT'S how you blog a preseason highlight. Have a great night everybody!

P.S. Yes I've already convinced myself that the SKECHERS marketing department will be the final domino to fall that will lead Joel Embiid to demand a trade to New York so he can play with fellow Skechers legend Julius Randle, likely thanks to a deal that Leon Rose set up on the side.