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Shoe Store Lets Customers Steal, But Only If They Can Outrun A World Class Sprinter Security Guard

DesignTaxi - In an interesting campaign encouraging stealing, Parisian running store Distance recently introduced a unique challenge for its customers: grab an item from the store without getting caught by elite sprinter Mickael Zeze, and it would be theirs to keep.

Rob it to get it. This is genius marketing. Hiring a world class sprinter to patrol your store as security guard for a day, and encouraging people to steal is hilarious. The French are great at running away, but no one stands a chance at beating Mickaël Zeze in a straight sprint. Zee runs a 9.99 which to put it in running terms the common man would understand, Usain Bolt's world record is a 9.58 100m dash. 

But this isn't a straight sprint, Zeze is actually patrolling the store, which is where I think I could get away with stealing. I would treat this like a heist, and I'd pull out all the stops. Running shoes are expensive. Go in with a few friends, have a decoy, flip the display table to obstruct his path, and have a get away car waiting in the wings. It doesn't matter that 5 guys have to split a $130 pair of shoes, it's the rush of the heist that's the real reward. 

The promotion I need to see now is an MMA clothing store hiring a fighter to guard the store. I feel like more people would take the bait on that promotion. People understand they aren't fast enough to beat an Olympic sprinter, but dudes are delusional when it comes to fighting. If you go to a bar and poll drunk dudes, a good amount would say they'd stand a chance against an MMA fighter. All I need is to land one good punch, bro. Guys getting their ass beat over a $50 Affliction t-shirt is something I need to see.