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A New Grand Theft Auto Game Reportedly May Be Coming Out...On Netflix?

My Instant Reaction To This News: 

Apologies for the extremely dated gif, but it's one of my favorite gifs of all-time and I thought it was the perfect way to describe how wa Besides, JR Smith was actually on the Knicks the last time we got a new GTA game, which was originally a joke I wrote for this blog before looking it up and realizing it was true.

Which kinda explains why I love this news so much. I have been begging for years for a new GTA game. I appreciate that Rockstar has done right by the people who bought GTA V by turning the online world of the game into a neverending source of content. But for Olds like me, I just want to play the actual missions in the regular game as well as do some hoodrat things with my friends. Actually let's be honest, I barely see whatever friends I have left due to said oldness, which just means I am going to be doing hoodrat things with one of my kids while the other one is looking out to make sure my wife doesn't catch me poisoning their minds by engaging in a life of fictional crime.

The one problem in all this is that Netflix is the one discussing the release, which is causing my old man brain to cramp just trying to figure out how the fuck Netflix is going to deliver games to my eyeballs from my TV, which apparently may not be the case.

Complex- Netflix Games is in talks with Rockstar Games to release its own version of Grand Theft Auto, the Wall Street Journal reports. The streaming giant is discussing plans to release a Grand Theft Auto game on its platform through a licensing deal with publisher Take-Two Interactive.

Netflix's potential spin-off would not be GTA VI, which is expected to drop between spring 2024 and spring 2025. WSJ notes that Netflix Games has already spent $1 billion on the platform's development of games so far.

It's worth noting that Netflix Games is currently only available on mobile devices, though Rockstar previously released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to iOS and Android during the early 2010s. Netflix Games is also looking at licensing deals to add well-known mobile games to its catalog. 

Alright, so that makes a little more sense I guess. Again, I'm not sure if I would have to download Netflix on my phone to play GTA or just pop open Netflix on my TV to fuck some NPCs worlds up. But if this means I will be able get a fresh GTA in my life, Netflix can do whatever they want with their fees and password policies.

P.S. I said it three years ago and I'll say it again. Rockstar should be required by law to have a new GTA game ready for release in case a worldwide pandemic breaks out and we are forced to self-isolate in our homes. Think about how amazed we were watching old Michael Jordan highlights and rednecks owning tigers during those boring ass days. All of humanity playing through a new GTA together would've been so much fun to see and probably would've led to world peace instead of the hellhole we reside in today. 

So figure it out Rockstar and get us a GTA ASAP, whether it's available on Netflix, game consoles, or in written form in a goddamn book Choose Your Own Adventure style. Then invite us to play it at your HQ because that was one of the coolest things I've done since I started working at Barstool.