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SHOCKER: James Harden Hasn't Reported To A Sixers Practice Since Sunday

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Kudos to the Eagles losing their first game of the year and The Fightins for being the most beloved team in history for distracting everyone from this disastrous, ongoing, and hopeless situation. I, for one, am shocked. Flabbergasted. Gobsmacked. James Harden starting to no-show multiple practices to signify the beginning of the end of the end of his tenure with a team? I suppose the biggest surprise is he actually showed up to camp in the first place. But not without stirring shit up, naturally. 

Next stop: Trade or Fat Suit. Nothing really in between unless Harden wants to lose a boatload worth of possible money to make rain via fines. And since a trade is pretty much off the table as Morey ain't giving Harden away for anything under market value, well…

THIS LEAGUE (RIP), indeed. 

Go Phils. Go Birds. Go figuring it out by the end of the century, Sixers. Now do me a favor and cue it. Or whatever.