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Ecuador Stock Through The Roof: New First Lady Lavinia Valbonesi Is A 25 Year Old Rocket


Daniel Noboa (35) and his family are getting ready to move into Ecuador's presidential palace after he was elected the youngest president in the country's history. Couldn't tell you a single thing about him, what he endorses, his stance on foreign policy, murder, Swift/Kelce, etc. Respectfully, none of that stuff matters to me. 

What does matter, and more specifically who? Ecuador's new first lady, 25 year old Lavinia V. De Noboa

Plain and simple, that woman could get me to vote for pretty much anything. No wonder this dude won the election, he probably ran away with the younger demographic. 

Not to get political, but people are simply way too fucking old to be in office. That's not even a hot take. Maybe don't have 80 year old people being the face of our country? Shouldn't that just be common sense? We've got a 35 year old minimum, but no maximum? I like to keep my brain focused on really stupid things like baseball and tennis, but that one jumps out to me. And maybe in Lavinia's case we drop down the 35 year old minimum to 25? I'd even be willing to ignore the ol' not-American qualification if she wanted to take her talents over here. 

Feels like today Ecuador got better as a country. Can't really ask for more than that.