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Nicky Smokes Describing His Typical Day At Barstool Is Currently My Favorite Video On The Internet

That, my friends, is a broken man. For those of you who didn't have time to watch the entire video, here's a brief synopsis of how Nicky Smokes spends his days at Barstool...

1. Gets to work, stares at computer

2. Tries to find something to blog

3. Fails 

4. Writes blog...finds out it's already been published

5. Goes on TikTok, tries to rip someone's video off

6. Fails 

7. Stares at his computer...tries to find something to blog again

8. Most likely fails 

Rinse. Repeat. I kid you not when he said he goes on TikTok to "try and rip off someone's video" I spit out my drink. Just brutally honest. I laughed almost as hard at Titus...




Just the fact that he is open about ripping off videos is hilarious. Mostly because he didn't mean for it to be funny. And I'm not one of these weirdos who's pissed at him for having a job here. He had an opportunity and he took it. Now he's having to prove his worth and it turns out working at Barstool is a little tougher than he thought. Or maybe it's not? I don't know. I just love that he basically describes his day as a gigantic failure. Doesn't try and hide it. Doesn't care who knows. 

Did I just become a Nicky Smokes guy? Of course not, but this was a very unintentionally funny video. Keep fighting the fight, brother. Something will eventually stick. Thanks for reading.