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Nikola Jokic Is Too Busy Scouting Horses To Be Worried About Whatever The Hell Else Going On In The NBA

Does this look like the face of a man who is concerned about the Suns getting Bradley Beal? Of course not. Do you think he gives a shit about LeBron's 21st year? Probably couldn't even point out LeBron if you ask him. All the man wants to do is scout horses and worry about what's going on with them. Impossible to blame him as Keeneland is currently running, even if he's probably watching some Serbian track. There's nothing better than Keeneland. 

This is well past being a bit. This is just who Jokic is. He's a man who doesn't look like he should be the best player in the world yet he goes out there and destroys everyone in his way. He's a man who just wants to care about horses. Don't get me wrong, he for sure wanted a title. You'd be an idiot to say otherwise. Instead he is just getting time away from his job, like every other normal person. 

I hope one day I find something I love as much as Jokic loves horse racing. I say this as a man who loves the sport. But I'm not buying horses. I'm not in the weeds trying to figure out names and what races to run them in. I'm not working hand-in-hand with trainers, I just bet on the sport, read the forms and enjoy a day at the track. Ho-hum triple double on opening night, watch the banner get raised and go win another MVP. All that while only being worried about the horses.