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How Stupid Can You Be To Get Tricked into Rating Your Co-Worker

Smoke got smoke'd:

I should have known something was up when the No Pussy Pod invited me on their show. I thought they just wanted a million dollars worth of game, but it turns out it was a trap. The boys started me off easy by showing me the prototypical Miami girl who won't even look at you unless you have an AP bust down and a table at LIV. By no means am I rich, but when it comes to acting rich, I'm like Warren Buffett. 

The next two girls they showed me were like ground balls at baseball practice, routine plays. By no means are they flashy, but they're part of the game. Little did I know those ground balls were a setup for them to take me to deep right field. They put the last girl on the screen, and once they saw my reaction, they knew they had me hook, line, and sinker. I should have known better, but cute girls at a tailgate is a fuck boys Kryptonite. They asked me to rate her, so I did. To be honest, a sober 8/10 and drunk 10/10 is an elite rating. I stand by my rating but I am beyond embarrassed that I was dumb enough to fall for their scam. 

If there's anything my constituents can learn from this, it's not to get comfortable on the ANUS Podcast. You're just a rat trapped inside of a maze