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It's Time To Complete The US Soccer Golden Generation And Bring Cindy Marina On Home As The Next Breakout Star

Another week, another blog on the Italian soccer reporter beat. I can't help it. I see news, I head to the blog to put it to the masses. This time it's Cindy Marina, who has been all over the place. She played volleyball at USC. She was Albania's representative in Miss Universe. Now she's working for Oversport in Italy. All I know is I read this and there should be a bidding war starting today:

[Source] - When asked what she loves most about presenting the Serie A, she said: "It's exciting to be just a few steps from the pitch and feel the energy of the fans. In the future I would like to be part of a large network full time in Italy or the USA. 

We can't lose to Italy again! We have a Golden Generation being held back by Gregg Berhalter, we can't lose a bidding war I assume is already going on for Cindy Marina. She was born in the US. I can even look past the part of her going to Duke. A big no-no in my book. But she transferred, she saw the light and got out of there for USC. Now she's had some part time work for CBS and the Milan Channel, we can't lose another star to Italy. We already saw that happen with Giuseppe Rossi, remember him? I know we have Weah, Musah, Pulisic all over in Italy. Send them to start the bidding war. 

It's time to bring her home.