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Lighten the Fuck Up! Budget Cuts Forced the Boss To Fire One Employee & It Was a Difficult Decision...

Gennaro Leonardi. Getty Images.

Due to budget cuts, the boss had to downsize, which meant firing either Tammy or Jack. 

Both had proven to be skilled and loyal employees, and he was finding it difficult to decide which one stayed and which one he would have to lay off… 

Immediately after the work day ended, Jack went home. Tammy stuck around for a few minutes, and just as she was getting in her car, the boss approached her and informed her of his dilemma. "Hey Tammy, I have a problem maybe you can help me with…" 

"Sure, boss, what is it?" she asked willingly. 

"I can't decide whether to lay you or Jack off. What do you suggest I do?" 

"Well, you'd better get out the hand cream, boss, because I'm heading home!"


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