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A German Couple Wanted To Throw The Most American Wedding Possible, So They Held It At A McDonald's In Michigan

MLive- I’m Lovin It or I do? How about both? Because that’s what a German couple did when they celebrated their marriage at a McDonald’s in Croswell on Oct. 8.

The heartwarming but unconventional celebration of love at a McDonald’s in Michigan’s Thumb featured Mike and Kathi Haller of Munich, who shared the ceremony, and a meal, with 23 guests, most of whom had traveled from Germany.

Mike and Kathi, world travelers and McDonald’s mega fans, first visited the Croswell area in Sanilac County near Lake Huron back in 2016 after connecting with a family friend who lives in the area. After their engagement, they set out to have a the ultimate “United States” wedding day.

The newlyweds, adorned in their wedding attire, indulged in the classic McDonald’s experience by sharing a cheeseburger, fries, McNuggets, and Coca-Colas.

First of all, I'd like to congratulate the happy couple on not only their nuptials but for also becoming American citizens. I'm sure Uncle Sam may have something to say about filling out the proper paper work and following the official steps to becoming an official member of Team USA. But I think anybody that gets married at a Mickey D's in the Midwest is more American than apple pie and at the very least worthy of a passport if not a full USA welcome basket full of fireworks, Bud Heavies, and Marlboro Reds.

It's honestly pretty incredible that this is the first McDonald's wedding I've ever heard of but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Mrs. Clem and I just celebrated our 13 year anniversary yesterday and our biggest takeaway while taking a stroll down memory lane is that only thing worse than planning for a wedding is paying for a wedding. Even though the Dollar Menu doesn't stretch a buck like it used to, it's a whole hell of a lot more affordable than some overpriced steak, chicken, and fish meal at a catering hall that could only fit you in on a Friday afternoon. Plus the golden arches are a central part of all our lives from the time we are kids getting Happy Meals shoved down our throats to shut us up until we are Olds sipping on a cup of coffee while living on a fixed budget. So why not celebrate the biggest day of our lives there? 

Now I went to enough weddings back in my day to know how inconsistent the food can be. When it hits, it HITS. Especially at cocktail hour, which is BY FAR when the best food is served. But when it doesn't hit, it ruins the entire night to the point the bride and groom would be much better off saving their money and eloping. However I guarantee you not one of those people traveling from Germany complained about getting some delicious burgers, McNuggets, all the Sweet & Sour Sauce they could handle, and that signature McDonald's Coke that is a Top 3 Coke (along with Santa Coke and Glass Bottle Coke). Those items will track anywhere on God's green Earth. But let's be honest, we all know McDonald's food hits harder in its home country here in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Not only that, but the Hallers got themselves a ride to remember significantly better than those cars that have Just Married signs on the back as they drag cans on the bumper.

But the highlight of the McDonald’s-themed celebration was the drive-thru experience, as the bride and groom rolled up to the restaurant in a McDonald’s Ford Mustang. The couple and their guests were also visited by none other than iconic McDonald’s character Grimace who joined the festivities.

Nobody is hotter in the fast food game than the big purple fella. Granted that's partially because there was a TikTok trend of kids hammering the Grimace Shake, which would lead to some sort of preposterous calamity happening to them. But seeing Grimace in their wedding pictures is the perfect marker of time for their wedding, which was an American as it gets. A+ work by everyone involved

Speaking of Mickey D's, Robbie Fox and I have made a vow to try everything on the McDonald's menu if/when we hit 50k subscribers on the My Mom's Basement YouTube. I'm not just talking about every food on the menu but every sauce, drink, and whatever random side that nobody orders because they don't even know it's on the menu. This obviously includes breakfast as well. 

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