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The Cowboys' Spanish Broadcast Crew Didn't Get Their Own Booth At SoFi Stadium, So They Were Going Nuts In The Press Box The Whole Game

Oh hell yeah, this is awesome. And it's made even better knowing that the "no cheering in the press box" olds were FURIOUS. Just absolutely fuming for three hours because these guys were having fun doing their job watching sports. Truly sickening stuff.

Maybe this is what we need in press boxes across America — particularly in baseball. Put the visiting team's Spanish radio crew in there with all the 60-year-old writers who think their game recaps in the digital edition of the Detroit Free Press are sacred texts and make them watch people have fun in the press box. A nationwide strike of beat writers would be a real possibility in that case and I can't imagine anything funnier.

Credit to the Cowboys' Spanish crew for still getting after it even with a nearly brand-new, $2 billion stadium somehow not having enough broadcast booths. I'm sure nobody was happy about that, but no one less so than this guy who was in Sportswriter Hell for the entirety of the game:

He popped in those wired Skullcandy headphones by the second drive. I'd love to know what classical composer he was listening to as he surely texted his colleagues seated elsewhere throughout the press box what a travesty this was to journalism.

Blame Stan Kroenke, pal.