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Iconic I-Beam Photo Completely Upstaged By The Photo Of The Photographer

This picture took my breath away. We've been marveling at the construction workers casually chowing down on lunch for like three generations now. It's one of the most iconic pictures ever. Not more iconic than the Time Square kiss by the sailor, but I degress. It never even occurred to that there was a person taking that picture. Like of course there was. There had to be, but the picture he took was so iconic that you get lost thinking about them and don't even stop to think about the photographer. Now I need to see the picture of the guy taking the picture of the guy taking the picture. What was that guy standing on? A suspension cable? People legit had zero concern for safety or their wellbeing. They probably figured that if the War, the flu, or consumption didn't get them then gravity is a little bitch. This would never be allowed today. Workers are safe these days, but men can't even risk their lives for a sack lunch 1000 ft in the air on 10" wide i-beam with the fellas anymore so are better off? I say no. 

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