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This Guy In Jail Might Be The Sharpest Football Mind We Have Ever Seen After The Parlay He Hit Yesterday

This was the exact question I had as well. This just can't be real. I don't know exactly whats going on in jail but maybe he is watching all 22s when he has the chance because a lot of these picks were really sharp. 

I have no idea what is happening at the moment. How does this guy has his own youtube channel from jail? He even has the "hey whats up guys welcome to my channel" intro when he is talking. Does he have someone visiting him and filming him while they are on the phone together? 

I have so many questions for him. 

The man had the Jets over the Eagles. I wonder if he even knew that Zach Wilson is playing QB. You think maybe the judge gambles too and if he keeps hitting he'll get out early? (I don't know what he is in jail for, that was a joke. Don't cancel me). 

With this parlay he might be able to pay bail. You don't know but just an impressive stretch of wins yesterday. I will always remember that when Mike The Situation came to the office he explained that he was still texting the cast of the jersey shore in Jail so i have no idea what to think. 

What I do know is that I need his picks for this week because that hot of a streak doesn't end right away. Especially when they weren't square picks either, so I will be tuning in to the clink picks.