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I'm Having A Hard Time Trying To Think Of Things To Blog That Aren't About Taylor Swift

I'm in a real pickle here. Ever since Taylor Swift started dating Travis Kelce, I've been in a black hole. 100%, all consuming tunnel vision for Taylor Swift on the blog. Sure, it is my job! That makes sense! I need my finger on the pulse, I need to be quick with it, and I need to inform the masses. Some would say, there is no job more important than mine.

Running the Taylor Swift News Circuit has been fantastic but, somewhere in this lavender haze I've lost...myself. What did I used to blog about before Taylor? Did I have my own thoughts and opinions? Did I have hobbies? Worries? Strengths? Fears? I'm not even sure anymore. People ask me how I am and I say, "well, I'm pretty busy, Taylor was out late at Catch Steak last night so I couldn't sleep until I was sure she wasn't dropping any surprises at 3am." They ask me if I've seen any new shows or movies, and I say "uh, who has the time with all these Tayvis tiktok edits of the two of them dancing?"

I no longer know how to think or feel for myself. I don't know how to care about anyone or anything else. Oh, Pete Davidson and Madison Cline are dating? They also held hands at the SNL after party? Who cares. Travis put his hand around Taylor's waist to keep her safe coming out of a car one time. 

"Kelly! The new Drake album came out like, a week ago. Have you had a chance to check it out?"

No. I haven't. I haven't listened to any music outside of Taylor (with the exception of Ed Sheeran's "Autumn Variations," but he is basically an extension of Taylor) in…..maybe 4 months? Maybe longer. I'm so far in the zone I may need a detox at some point.

In the meantime, I'll be trying to figure out what I used to do before this relationship. I think I liked wine? Maybe some TV and movies? Who knows. I've got to figure it out soon, otherwise I won't be hitting my blog quota and that is the LAST reprimand I want to receive. 

At least we got Dave Portnoy on Taylor Watch :)