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The Ref That Called This Roughing The Passer Against The Giants Should Be Thrown In Prison For Life

Look, I'm not a blame the refs guy, but what the fuck are we doing here? I understand that the NFL needs to protect its quarterbacks because the product can be damn near unwatchable when backup QBs have to play. But we can't be making up penalties that give a team 15 yards and a fresh set of downs on a hit that wasn't high, low, OR late. Even Terry McAulay threw the blind zebra that threw that flag under the bus instantly while Cris Collinsworth was still hemming and hawing.

I'm not sure if I should blame that rat fuck Goodell, the NFL script writers, or whoever in the league office that wants to see the Bills beat the Giants. But this is a step too far, especially if the Giants are on the road as a 15 point underdog and have lost a player to injury roughly every other play to the point they have a guy that was literally on his couch last week starting at left tackle.