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Those Losers Over At The NFL Deleted Tyreek Hill's Backflip Cell Phone Video, Because It Probably 'Will Look Weird To Celebrate A Penalty'

Wait a goddamn minute here. The account NFLUK tweeted out that Tyreek Hill video. We all loved it. Do you know how hard it is to have people on the Internet agree that something is cool? The NFL had that with the video. All they had to do was embrace people having fun for scoring touchdowns in a game. But nope. That clown Goodell and the rest of the losers over there at the NFL decided to take it down. Oh this is why: 

Here's an idea. DON'T FUCKING PENALIZE PEOPLE FOR CELEBRATING. I don't want to hear sportsmanship, that's fake. If you get upset that someone is dancing, flipping and shaking that ass right in front of you, don't let them score. There's your sportsmanship. Oh no, kids will be encouraged to shit talk! Good. They should be if you play sports. It's competitive and shit talking is everywhere in life. 

This is just the most Goodell thing ever. You get a viral moment. One people are going crazy about. It was harmless. He filmed himself doing a backflip. Penalty, delete video. Clown! Loser! Dork!