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Joe Burrow Was On A Mission To Make Sure Andrei Iosivas Kept The Ball After His First Career Touchdown

I don’t want to jump to conclusions yet, but the Cincinnati Bengals might be back. It seems like Joe Burrow, who looked like half a dead man the first few weeks of the season, is finally getting healthy. Ja’Marr Chase remains one of the best wide receivers in football, and now they have everybody getting in on the love as a rookie Andrei Iosivas caught his first career touchdown.

There has to be something problematic about Joe Burrow. The guy presents himself as the most wholesome, coolest guy on the planet. It just doesn’t seem like there’s a crack in his armor. He’s been playing injured essentially this entire season, and he hasn’t pouted once. There’s so much truth to the fact that the intangibles that make a great quarterback go beyond what you can get at a draft combine. The dude just has it between the ears.

Is there an established rule about when a player can and can’t keep a football after a touchdown? I feel like I’ve seen instances in which a referee asked for the ball back, and I’ve seen other instances like this, in which a player can just hold onto the ball forever. I’ve never viewed football the way that I view baseball, where career achievement comes with a token, but I could be wrong. Either way, it was funny seeing Burrow run his ass off to retrieve this ball for his rookie wideout. Things are looking up for the Bengals.