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Colorado State Ends The Day With a Walkoff Hail Mary To Cap Off An Insane 20 Point Comeback In The Final 5 Minutes

It’s 2am. I should be asleep but I’m married to the game, and that game is watching college football. 

The ending in Colorado is nothing short of insanity. Boise was up 30-10 with 5 mins left in the game. Colorado St. The Rams score to make it 30-17 with 4:01 left. 

Ok no panic if you’re Boise St. 

Ok now a little panic. 

At 1:53 … things get really spicy. 

And then the miracle .., 

Just an absolutely INSANE ending, literally nearly impossible to do if you are Boise St. That’s why this game is so entertaining, and so painful if you are in the pads. I would question my belief in God if I was on Boise. Absolutely a divine intervention to make them lose that game. Insane. 

Anddddd of course . 

The over under was 59.5. 

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