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Edson Barboza Pulls Off A Comeback For The Ages After Almost Getting KO'd In Round 1

Edson Barboza just proved why he's been at the top of the game in the UFC for over 13 years now.

After the younger, highly touted, and on-the-rise featherweight Sodiq Yusuff went out there with the touch of death in Round 1 and seemingly rocked/hurt Barboza with every shot he threw....

....Barboza came out of his corner in Round 2 ready to go with a new gameplan - attack the body; and he put on a very competitive five minutes against Yusuff, who clearly unloaded a large percentage of his gas tank with his opening flurry. 

In Round 3, Barboza landed his signature move (the spinning wheel kick) and came about as close to finishing Sodiq as he possibly could've, but foolishly followed it up with a choke instead of pouring it on further....

I totally would've just finished him there personally, but not everyone is Octagon Bob. 

Rounds 4 and 5 were pretty competitive on both sides, but leaned in Barboza's favor as he was walking Yusuff down and even landed a takedown in the final few minutes, and he was rightfully given the unanimous decision afterwards.

It was a zombie-like comeback from a true OG of the sport who has one of the wildest UFC resumes ever….

The fact that he's still competing at this level and landing wheel kicks like they're his Stone Cold Stunners is amazing. I hope Barboza has a spot reserved for him on the UFC 300 card in April. He deserves it.