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Iowa Football Went To Camp Randall Stadium And Won A Football Game Despite Throwing For 37 Yards

Even though Oregon versus Washington was the game of the day (maybe even the game of the year), I always keep tabs on Iowa football. I find their offensive ineptitude so goddamn funny. The fact that Brian Ferentz still has a job is amazing. Last week, I wrote about how they won a football game despite completing zero passes to the wide receivers. This week, they somehow topped that feat by throwing for 37 yards and still winning a Big Ten game in 2023.

I'm an equal-opportunity offender. I'm not a guy who bashes things just so I can. While I do think it is embarrassing to win a football game with 37 yards passing, there's a lot more at play when it comes to Iowa football than just their passing game. First off, Erick All may have suffered a serious injury. He's been their best player offensively this year. 

Even with all these things stacked against him, Iowa went to Camp Randall Stadium and knocked off Wisconsin, and they are now in the driver's seat to win the Big Ten West. I'm hesitant to give the coaching staff credit. I'll give the defensive coaching staff credit. Holding a team to six points is incredible. But that's what's weird about Iowa football. They are good despite themselves. They have a 13-win defense and a three win offense. That's why they always find themselves at the eight or nine win mark at the end of every season. So, even though the title of this blog is all about the ineptitude of the passing game, I'm flipping the script here. 

At this point, Brian Ferentz should have to give half his salary to Iowa's defense. The only reason there isn't more heat on him is because of the way those guys play. They may end up backing their way into a Big Ten West championship. I continue to find myself oddly obsessed with Iowa football. I now hope they make it to Indy.