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Terrance McKinney Just Mauled Some Poor Guy Making His UFC Debut In 20 Seconds

That, my friends, is a mauling. A FLAWLESS VICTORY as they'd call in in Mortal Kombat....and you wanna know something crazy? 

The stat in that above tweet is 100% accurate: this 20-second-KO is only Terrance McKinney's FIFTH fastest finish.

Giphy Images.

McKinney was supposed to fight Chris Duncan tonight (which was a great matchup), but Duncan had to pull out of the fight due to visa issues, and he was replaced by newcomer Brendon Marotte making his UFC debut. Immediately, McKinney became the biggest favorite on the card, because everyone knows that the jitters of making your UFC debut on short notice do NOT pair well with McKinney's fast pace and quick starting tendancies, and he went out there and did exactly what everyone expected him to. 

Tough for Marotte, but this is just another highlight reel finish for McKinney - who I've always been a massive fan of.