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Ben Mintz Is Officially A Speed Demon And A Defensive Force After His Pizza Hut Challenge

Just another day for The King Of The South. It's A Saturday in The South, and it's a Gameday so you knew Mintz would have been at The Barstool College Football Show one way or the other. Some could say this is the week he roots for LSU, after rooting for Ole Miss last week. I'm not fully sure which way he rotates his fandom, but whatever the case it was good to see him supporting the Tigers (of LSU). 

Whatever the case may be of how he got there, you knew it would be electricity one way or the other. Today the electricity came in the form of the Pizza Hut Challenge, where he put on a CLINIC of athleticism, grit, heart, determination and skill. The only thing he struggled with was the essential point of the challenge in recovering the ball, but that's a minor detail. And another minor detail would be taking off your helmet in the field of play and awkwardly tossing it to yourself would result in a 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Penalty but hey ...why let minor details ruin a great story. 

Mintz for SEC Defensive Player Of The Year ... 

Catch the whole Barstool College Football Show before kickoff tonight in Baton Rouge ...