#HealthyDebate : Lebron Eating Food On The Bench Is Less Of An Offense Than His Awful Outfit

Lebron is one of the biggest assholes on the planet. Lying about books he reads, making up things "he knew would happen" his horrifically cringe social media posts like Taco Tuesday, and him trying to be like Jordan so much it's painful. He's a world class basketball player, maybe the best we will ever see (yes I believe that and no i don't want to do a GOAT argument here), but off the court or matters not between the end lines he STINKS out loud. 

Another fine example here. Does he have every right to do whatever he pleases during a preseason game in his 20th season in the NBA? Sure. If he took a piss on the floor, he's earned it. There's absolutely zero reason he should be playing preseason games. On the other hand, there is absolutely ZERO reason that if you did need to eat, you don't need to do it on the goddamn bench in the middle of the game.It just screams Look At Me. It also sends the worst message possible to younger players on the team who may have any doubt if he's still dialed in for championships, or has the killer instinct. Right down to the end, MJ would stab someone in the throat once the whistle blew. Did he play golf in between? Did he smoke cigars, sure. But when the whistle blew his play backed it up. Couldn't beat the guy. If I'm a rookie and wondering if Lebron still has the killer instinct and I see this? Soft...soft energy. Massively disrespectful to his teammates and worse his opponents. MASSIVELY. Also the games like 2 hours dude, and there's a spread in the locker room, you really needed to eat? Clown.

However, even with this douchey of a move, the biggest offense to me was his outfit. What the fuck was the thought process of piss yellow sweatsuit being the move to leave your house. I am sure the fashion police and cool kids will come at me for not knowing this is some kind of designer brand for $5948593023020, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize he looks like a buffoon. Only Lebron could pull an asshole move like eating on the bench, yet have a bigger asshole move dressing like a bigger asshole.