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Thomas Bryant Was Ready To Give Up All Hope And Retire On The Spot After He Realized He Simply Has No Shot To Stop Victor Wembanyama

Yeah, I mean what the hell else is Thomas Bryant supposed to do here? Not like he wasn't trying. He was trying his hardest. Wembanyama is just a freak who breaks people's brains: 

Thomas Bryant had no other option but to look like a little kid who just saw lights change colors for the first time. The man was in utter disbelief that another pro could do such a thing. Legit question, how do you stop this? I've been around the game of basketball for 3 decades now and my simple solution is to just get out of the way. Maybe push him over? Thomas Bryant is a guy who was a rotational player in the NBA. We're not talking some true scrub here. 

This is an outrageous visual though

I know Wembanyama is massive but every time I see him with his arms somewhat extended it looks like a dinosaur. Thomas Bryant tried really hard, that's a promise. Just no shot against him. It feels like the scene in Semi-Pro when they run an alley-oop for the first time and just start screaming foul, no 2 fouls. That's how I feel watching Wembanyama move.