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Swifties Have Turned Movie Theaters Into Cult Worship Sites As The Eras Tour Lives On

ICYMI, Taylor Swift had one of her concerts filmed and released a 3 hour cut of it released in theaters. It's ostensibly to make her concert more accessible since the tour tickets start at the cost of a second mortgage, but it's more so to make her a ton more money. 

As you can see, this isn't exactly a regular movie going experience. The timeline is flooded with videos like these where people are basically running amok in the sacred, quiet sanctuary of a movie theater. Running around, ululating and praising their false god with demonic dances. How much different is it from something like Midsommar? 

Anyway, in all seriousness this kinda rocks. Not because its Swifties (although I'm happy for anyone that psychotically passionate about something that harmless) but because this is exactly the experience that movie was designed for AND it opens the doors for so many other great uses for a movie theater. 

Picture this. You and your friends cant decide on a place to watch the Super Bowl, the Natty, a world series or Stanley Cup playoff etc. Imagine you can go to an AMC where one of those big IMAX sections is converted into basically a section of a stadium?

- Lights on
- The game is live on a massive, 100' wide screen 
- You can talk, yell and get among your friends, no rules for being quiet
- They have all the hot food + beer you want that you get get at concession but also they could have roaming vendors like at a stadium

To me, that would be an awesome experience and one that serves basically the same purpose as this Eras tour movie. I can't afford a ticket to any of those events but would love to have even a very watered down version of the stadium experience.