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Pac 12 After Dark Goes Nuclear As Colorado Blows a 29-0 Halftime Lead To Lose To Stanford In Double OT

Matthew Stockman. Getty Images.

Not sure any of our writers are awake right now, but I couldn't let our last blog on the site before the sun came up be Travis Hunter's spin-move. Great spin-move, but we have bigger things at hand.

What just happened was truly unbelievable and shows the beauty of college football chaos. Colorado led 29-0 at half time on Friday night against lowly 1-4 Stanford. Colorado lost this football game in double OT. 

I'm not sure at 2:25AM I'm going to be able to accurately describe what just happened. Quite frankly mid-way thru the 2nd quarter I popped on the second episode of the Netflix David Beckham documentary (really good btw!). I mean Colorado was running fake PATs for two point conversions and Shedeur looked unstoppable. On the flip side Stanford couldn't do a single thing on offense. The game was over. 

About nine minutes into the 2nd half it was time to give this one some attention again. 

A gentleman hailing from Medicine Hat, Alberta by the name of Elic Ayomanor decided to become Rand Moss and proceeded to dismantle the Buffaloes' defense. Dude didn't have a catch in the first half and ended up with 13 for the game to the tune of 294 yards and three touchdowns. Almost have to respect how Colorado refused to switch anything up when it came to covering this man. 

Notice Travis Hunter getting cooked here? Yeah that was a trend all 2nd half unfortunately. 

With Colorado completely out of sorts on offense, Stanford staged an insane comeback to force OT thanks to this last second 46 yarder to tie it. 

Colorado got it first in extra time and scored easily. It was then Ayomanor's turn to answer and my god did he answer. 

I'm not sure we can talk about Travis Hunter being a top tier pick after this. That's partly exaggerating, but how do you let a man do that to you? One of the best catches in a big moment I've ever seen. Emasculated the man and all he stands for. 

Hunter is gonna need to pick a side of the football to play on because he's just gassed out there. Credit to him for the effort and all, but the two way shit is gonna kill him at this rate. Preposterous catch though. 

It was then I thought for sure we'd get a Stanford two point conversion to try and win the game. Colorado State did not do this in their game against Deion last month and it ended up backfiring. Well, once again we saw a college team cowardly bow out of the all or nothing moment. I cannot stand when coaches don't go for the win there, especially a 1-4 team with zero to lose. We headed to a second overtime. 

Colorado got a pretty bogus DPI gift to extend their drive but once again found themselves facing a critical 3rd down. Shedeur made the biggest mistake of his season right here with just an awful pick in the end zone. Simply cannot make this throw when you absolutely had to come away with points. Disaster. 

That sealed it. Stanford ran the ball a few times up the middle to make the field goal a chip shot and that was all she wrote. 

Unbelievable. Blowing a 29-0 lead to a terrible Stanford team AT HOME is a tough blow to the Deion Sanders hype train. Keep in mind Stanford lost to Sacramento State this year. 29-0 is crazy. How? The tree men had some fun afterwards mocking Shedeur's watch celebration. 

Side note, this really makes Colorado's bowl eligibility more difficult to obtain. The schedule ain't pretty the rest of the way and they're gonna need two wins. 

Well I'm exhausted. I took a melatonin like an hour ago so I can't see straight. I'm sure Big T will cover the Deion quotes and all that in the morning but just wanted to make sure we had something up. College football man, nothing like it. Imagine what this fan was feeling like at half time only to find himself reduced to tears a few hours later.