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Jeff Teague Almost Got Kicked Out Of Wake Forest After Getting Caught By The Police Downloading Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape From LimeWire

If you were a fairly "normal" functioning adolescent in the late 2000s-early 2010s then Limewire became a pivotal tool of life. It's an era that I'm not sure we can accurately describe to our kids nowadays. There was no Spotify platform where you could seamlessly add music to a playlist with a simple click. Buying a song for $0.99 on iTunes was shit only rich people did. No, if you wanted to listen to music you figured out the inner workings of Limewire, or even Frostwire, and illegally downloaded hundreds, if not thousands of songs. From there you could transfer them to a CD for your car, or an iPod or SanDisk (yeah we were really poor). 

While giving your computer a virus was always the big risk there was also the 1% chance that the FBI was monitoring you and one day you'd get a knock on your door with a fine that would cripple your family for generations. This never happened though, at least to no one I ever knew. There were bigger fish to fry. And by that I mean Jeff Teague. 

Full clip here

Yeah aside from the music downloads, there was also porn. There's always porn. Who amongst us didn't download Kim Kardashian's sex tape off of LimeWire? 

I mean…what? 

Sure it was terrible quality and poor filming, but it was a cultural moment in history you had to be a part of if you were any curious, horny teenager. I got so paranoid someone in my family would stumble upon it that I'd constantly delete the download and then redownload it another day. Never did I really think the FBI would come after me, and neither did Jeff Teague. 

Imagine him getting kicked out of school for downloading the Kim K tape? His 12 year NBA career might have never been. Luckily for Teague they only took his laptop and gave him a slap on the wrist. A little embarrassment from coach and some of his teammates is a small price to pay for what could have been. Tough to tell your friends you'd never heard of the sextape and then you're the guy who gets caught by the feds downloading it. I wonder if any of his teachers ever asked why he didn't have a laptop that semester. Obviously there are a million lies you can make up there, but the actual story is just priceless. 

It's an ordeal frightening enough to scare any man to death. No shot I'd be able to focus on school or basketball having known I almost had to pay $5M for some Limewire downloads. Somehow he was able to and ended up becoming a first round pick. I now have the utmost respect for this man. 

Jeff Teague and Pirate Simon. Just two guys who got caught downloading some porn. One and the same. 

*Hey FBI, everything I said about using Limewire was a joke for the blog. Never seen this "Kim Kardashian" sex tape. That's disgusting and an invasion of privacy.