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Things That Make You Say Hmm: Sean Payton Once Claimed Caleb Williams Is So Good A Team Will Tank For Him, Force The NFL To Have A Draft Lottery

Oh would you look at this here. 11 months ago, Sean Payton decided to claim Caleb Williams is a generational player, a team would tank for him and force the NFL to have a Draft lottery. Fast forward and look at what Sean Payton is doing: 

How do you not know what down it is? I mean it's not like Sean Payton is new at this coaching thing. Basically any person who has watched football or at the minimum played one game of Madden knows how to work a clock and how downs work. And listen, it's not like the Broncos had expectations. This roster is awful. Russ is easily one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. Their defense ranks last in nearly every single category. 

And let's get one thing clear here. Tanking doesn't work in the NFL. Hell, look at last year. Everyone thought the Texans would tank the last game of the season to get the number 1 pick, instead won in ridiculous fashion and still ended up with the better quarterback. There's no guarantees. Plus this isn't basketball where one player completely flips a franchise. Yeah, you need a good quarterback in this league but you can find someone to fit a system. 

I actually think we need to redo all of drafts. No more rewarding bad teams. It should be the teams that just miss the playoffs with better chances to get the number 1 pick. Penalize teams for tanking or for flat out sucking. Make wins matter instead of losses. No one wants to see a team trot out a bunch of backups and be okay with a loss because they are closer to the number 1 pick.