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Media Completely Disrespects The Sanctuary Of The Clubhouse, Film Phillies Singing "Fuck The Braves" After Ending Their Season For The 2nd Straight Year

Alright so first of all, I know the Phillies already have a few team songs with "Dancing On My Own" and "High Hopes". But I really wouldn't mind if we fully took "Dixieland Delight" from Alabama. Could you imagine playing this during the 7th inning stretch and having 45,000 chanting "fuck the bravos"? Just look at how electric it is in Tuscaloosa. 

Just something to consider, is all I'm saying. I'm sure an LSU guy like Aaron Nola wouldn't necessarily love it, but this fits the crowd at CBP way more than just singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame. 

Now secondly, can you believe this shit? How dare those jackoffs in the media go into the clubhouse and completely desecrate that sanctuary by putting this out to the world? Players are supposed to feel safe in the clubhouse. They're supposed to be able to do and say whatever they want, and not have to be fearful that their words will give extra motivation to their opponents. I mean it's not like you could just sack up and still beat a guy even when he's motivated or anything like that. It's not like you could say that shit with your chest and continue to bury a team even after talking trash. 

Oh wait. Turns out when you're a bunch of bad mamma jammas who don't give a shit about anybody else, you can do and say whatever you want because you know that no team is going to be more motivated than you already. 

Some teams are afraid to give their opponents any bulletin board material. The Phillies will just walk in with 26 bats and bash the bulletin board to pieces. And as always, they're led by this little gremlin getting the party started and shutting it down. 

Sidenote: One of my favorite past times is listening to the player interviews on 94.1 from the clubhouse while "Dicked Down In Dallas" is blasting in the background. 

October baseball is all about guys stepping up and doing their jobs. You need a guy like Bryce Harper to go out there and spark the team in game 3. You need a guy like Nick Castellanos to keep the energy going with 4 moon shots in 2 nights. You need guys like Johan Rojas making monster catches at the wall in deep center. You need Nola to shove. You need Ranger to give you a classic Ranger performance. You need the bullpen to step up and not allow a run in any of the Phillies wins this series. And most importantly--you need a guy like Garrett Stubbs to make that clubhouse the most unhinged room on planet Earth for the next hour after finishing off a series. I know there will be idiots out there who think Garrett Stubbs shouldn't be able to party his face off like this after "not contributing" in the series. But being a locker room guy is just as big of a role for this team as any, and he's a Hall of Famer in that regard.